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Zwift is a pioneering digital platform that transforms indoor cycling and running into engaging, interactive experiences. By combining high-quality graphics with social connectivity, Zwift allows users to participate in virtual rides and races across digital landscapes from the comfort of their homes. Compatible with various smart trainers and devices, Zwift is designed for athletes of all levels seeking a unique, community-driven way to train and compete virtually.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to revolutionize home fitness, Zwift Inc. has emerged as a leader in interactive fitness technology. This innovative platform was created to make indoor cycling and running less isolating and more engaging, offering users around the world the chance to connect, compete, and exercise in an immersive virtual environment. Zwift’s platform works by linking a user's exercise equipment to its app, where physical efforts are mirrored in a visually rich, digital world. Cyclists and runners can explore over 100 different virtual routes across 12 unique worlds, including the fictional Watopia as well as real-world inspired maps like London and New York City. Each route offers different challenges, from flat tracks for beginners to mountainous climbs for advanced athletes, ensuring that there is something for every fitness level. Key to Zwift's appeal is its social feature, which allows users to join live group rides and races, or even train alongside friends in real-time, fostering a sense of community. This is complemented by the ability for users to customize their avatars and unlock virtual gear as they progress. Zwift also hosts a variety of events, from casual group rides to professional races, which have become a staple in the cycling and running communities. Zwift supports a range of hardware, from basic stationary bikes and treadmills to advanced smart trainers and treadmills that adjust resistance automatically as the app's terrain changes. Its accessibility is enhanced by compatibility with multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, allowing users to stream their virtual rides and runs on any device. As the landscape of digital fitness continues to evolve, Zwift remains at the forefront, dedicated to improving its technology and expanding its virtual worlds to keep workouts engaging and competitive.

Management Team

Eric Min CEO
Lee Readman Chief People Officer
Steve Beckett CMO
Alarik Myrin Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
David Renton COO
Jon Mayfield Co-Founder & Head of Product

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