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Zumper is a leading online marketplace for renters and property managers, offering a comprehensive database of rental listings across the U.S. and Canada. Users can search for apartments, houses, and rooms, with features like verified listings and detailed filters to enhance the rental process. Property owners can use Zumper’s marketing solutions to attract quality renters.

Founded: 2012

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Zumper is a leading online rental marketplace designed to simplify the rental process for renters and property managers. Based in San Francisco, Zumper has rapidly grown to become a premier rental platform in North America, offering over one million rental listings, including apartments, houses, and rooms across the U.S. and Canada. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, which includes advanced filters, tailored recommendations, and real-time alerts to help renters find their ideal homes efficiently. Zumper’s verified listings provide renters with a level of trust and security, ensuring that the properties listed are authentic and accurate. The platform also features digital tools such as virtual tours and online applications to streamline the rental process further. This emphasis on digital solutions aims to make renting as straightforward as possible, allowing users to manage the entire rental process from their devices. For property owners and managers, Zumper offers powerful marketing tools to attract and secure quality tenants. These tools include property listing services that reach a vast audience, optimizing the visibility and appeal of rental properties. Zumper’s platform is designed to support property managers with efficient vacancy filling and tenant management, making it a valuable resource for maintaining high occupancy rates. Zumper also provides a wealth of resources to assist renters in making informed decisions. These resources include detailed rent trend analyses, comprehensive city guides, and affordability calculators. These tools are designed to provide renters with the necessary information to choose the best rental property based on their preferences and budget. With a mission to revolutionize the rental experience, Zumper continues to innovate, offering a seamless, reliable, and efficient rental search and application process. Its dedication to improving the rental market has established Zumper as a trusted name in the industry, making it easier for renters to find their next home and for property managers to manage their listings effectively.

Management Team

Anthemos Georgiades CEO and Co-Founder
Taylor Glass-Moore Co-Founder
Russell Middleton President of PadMapper and Co-Founder
Tanguy Le Louarn Chief Product Officer
Khaled Alami Chief Financial Officer
Dan Bachelder Chief Technology Officer
Shalin Amin Chief Experience Officer

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