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Zipline is a pioneering logistics company that revolutionizes medical supply delivery through precision drone technology. Specializing in instant delivery services, Zipline targets remote and difficult-to-reach areas, enhancing access to critical medical supplies like blood, vaccines, and life-saving medications.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to address critical delivery challenges in healthcare, Zipline has established itself as a leader in drone delivery systems. By utilizing autonomous drones, Zipline ensures rapid and reliable transportation of essential medical supplies to underserved communities worldwide. This innovation not only increases healthcare accessibility but also improves patient outcomes by delivering products swiftly and safely. The company operates on a model that integrates cutting-edge technology with practical applications in healthcare logistics. Each Zipline drone is equipped with sophisticated navigation systems, allowing for precise drop-offs in diverse geographic conditions. This technology is complemented by an advanced logistical network, ensuring efficient operations from order placement to delivery. Zipline's founders, keen on making a substantial impact in global health, have mobilized substantial resources and expertise to scale operations across multiple continents. Their efforts have garnered significant investment and partnerships, highlighting the trust and reliability in Zipline’s operational capabilities and business model. Primarily serving healthcare facilities, Zipline’s solution addresses critical delays in medical supply chains, particularly in emergency situations. Their services have proven essential in various scenarios, from routine supply restocking to emergency responses during health crises. Through continuous innovation and strategic expansion, Zipline aims to redefine healthcare logistics globally, making it an attractive prospect for investors interested in cutting-edge technology and social impact.

Management Team

Keller Rinaudo Co-Founder, CEO
Keenan Wyrobek Co-Founder, Head of Product and Engineering
Will Hetzler Co-Founder, Head of U.S. Business Development
Yaniv Gelnik Global Business Development Lead

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