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Zepz is a global financial services provider specializing in fast, secure, and flexible payment solutions. Through its leading brands like WorldRemit and Sendwave, Zepz offers innovative money transfer services to a diverse international customer base, focusing on speed, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. Trusted by millions worldwide, Zepz facilitates billions in transactions, demonstrating a strong commitment to connecting global communities and fostering economic growth.

Founded: 2010

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Zepz Company Overview

Founded with the mission to streamline global financial transactions, Zepz has rapidly evolved into a prominent player in the financial services sector. Specializing in remittance and digital payment solutions, the company operates major brands such as WorldRemit and Sendwave. These platforms are renowned for their ability to facilitate quick and safe money transfers across international borders, making them popular choices among expatriates and individuals supporting families abroad. WorldRemit, a flagship brand under Zepz, allows users to send money online to over 130 countries. It is designed to provide a seamless user experience with features like instant transfers, real-time tracking, and easy access through mobile apps. This brand has notably contributed to Zepz's reputation by offering market-leading speed and transaction security. Sendwave, another vital brand in Zepz's portfolio, focuses on affordability and instantaneity in money transfers, particularly targeting markets in Africa and Asia. It boasts over 400,000 users who rely on its platform for regular financial support to their loved ones. Sendwave's user-friendly interface and commitment to low fees have made it a preferred option among its customer base. Zepz's operational excellence is further highlighted by its robust financial performance, with over $10 billion transferred and 50 million transactions processed in recent years. The company employs over 1,600 staff across various global offices, reflecting its diverse and inclusive corporate culture. This workforce is instrumental in driving innovation and maintaining high service standards that meet the evolving needs of Zepz’s widespread customer base. Zepz exemplifies a sustainable business model in the digital payments industry, focusing on achieving high growth through strategic technological enhancements and broad market expansion. The company maintains a clear vision for its future, dedicated to bridging diverse communities worldwide with its innovative financial services, poised to adapt and thrive within the fast-changing fintech environment.

Management Team

Mark Lenhard Chief Executive Officer
Robert Mitchell Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Stal Chief Marketing Officer
Ismail Ahmed Ph.D Co-Founder and Non- Executive Chairman
Richard Igoe Co-Founder

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