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Yieldstreet is a distinguished alternative investment platform offering access to unique asset classes such as real estate, art, and private credit. It provides investors with opportunities to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional stocks and bonds, leveraging assets that typically exhibit lower correlation with public markets.

Founded: 2015

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YieldStreet Company Overview

Founded to democratize access to alternative investment opportunities, Yieldstreet allows individual investors to participate in markets previously accessible mainly to institutional investors. Yieldstreet's portfolio includes a wide range of asset classes including real estate, art, collateralized loan obligations, and more. This diversity enables investors to potentially increase their returns while mitigating risks associated with the volatility of traditional stock and bond markets. The platform is notable for its rigorous investment selection process, where less than 10% of evaluated deals are approved, ensuring that only high-quality opportunities are available to investors. Yieldstreet's management team, consisting of over 25 investment professionals, oversees this selection process, analyzing billions of dollars worth of deals annually. Investors on Yieldstreet benefit from the platform's commitment to transparency and ease of use, features that are highly appreciated in the realm of private market investing. Moreover, Yieldstreet offers educational resources to help both novice and experienced investors understand the complexities of alternative investments, making it a valuable tool for those looking to diversify their investment strategies effectively.

Management Team

Michael Weisz Founder and CEO
Hirishi Dixt Chief Technology Officer
Joel Greengrass Chief People Officer
Timothy Scott Chief Financial Officer
Lea Strendahl Chief Marketing Officer
Rick Winslow Chief Product Officer
Ted Yarbough Chief Investment Officer

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