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Yapstone is a leading payment services provider specializing in complex, large-scale payment solutions for online marketplaces and software platforms, particularly in the vacation rental and property management industries. The company leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless transactions, offering robust fraud protection and integration capabilities. Yapstone is highly regarded for its expertise in providing a secure and efficient payment experience for both businesses and consumers.

Founded: 1999

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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yapstone has established itself as a pivotal player in the payment processing industry, focusing on transforming the way payments are made in complex markets like vacation rentals and property management. With over two decades of experience, the company processes billions of dollars in payment volume annually, demonstrating a deep understanding and expertise in managing sophisticated payment systems​​. Yapstone's platform supports a wide range of payment solutions tailored to the needs of large marketplaces and software platforms. This includes online payment processing, fraud detection, dispute management, and seamless onboarding services. The company's proprietary technology supports integrations with various e-commerce systems, enhancing transaction efficiency and security. Additionally, Yapstone offers mobile applications for iOS and Android, which facilitate easy and quick transactions​​. The platform is designed to offer low fees and competitive pricing, ensuring value for money in transaction processing. Yapstone places a strong emphasis on innovation and customer service, continuously updating its offerings to adapt to changing market demands and maintaining high security standards to protect user data​. Yapstone provides developers with comprehensive APIs and tools for easy integration of its services into existing systems, along with a suite of free tools like customizable invoices and automated notifications to streamline operations. This commitment to technological advancement and client support cements Yapstone's reputation as a robust solution for businesses seeking reliable and secure payment processing capabilities

Management Team

Michael Orlando Chief Executive Officer
Maria C. Segovia Chief Compliance Officer
Tom Villante Co-Founder
Adam DeMonaco Chief Information Security Officer
Carrie Walecka Chief People Officer

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