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Xpansiv is a global leader in digital infrastructure for environmental commodities. The company provides a pivotal platform that aligns economics with sustainability by transforming the way natural resources are valued and traded. Xpansiv connects markets and data to advance a sustainable future, facilitating the exchange of carbon credits, renewable energy credits, and other environmental commodities.

Founded: 2016

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Xpansiv Company Overview

Xpansiv was established to facilitate the transition to sustainable market practices through innovative technology. The company's main offerings include CBL, a prominent carbon credit trading platform, and H2OX, an influential water market exchange. These platforms integrate advanced solutions to enhance market transparency and liquidity, assisting stakeholders in managing environmental assets across diverse regulatory frameworks. By capitalizing on strategic partnerships and extending its technological capabilities, Xpansiv continues to influence global environmental policies and practices. Its leadership is committed to expanding market-driven solutions for environmental accountability, making Xpansiv a pivotal entity in promoting global sustainability initiatives. Through continuous innovation, Xpansiv aims to empower businesses and regulators to fulfill sustainability commitments and advance the overall environmental agenda.

Management Team

John Melby CEO
Paul Sestili Chief Administrative Officer
Henrik Hasselknippe COO
Evan Ard President, Evolution Markets
Nathan Rockliff Chief Strategy Officer
Ben Stuart Chief Commercial Officer, President – Transaction Services
Erika Crandall Chief Risk Officer
Seshadri Sundaram CTO
Frank McAnally CFO

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