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Workrise is a leading platform specializing in streamlining operations across the energy sector, including oil & gas and renewable energy. The company offers comprehensive solutions for workforce and vendor management, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and scale operations while ensuring compliance and enhancing productivity.

Founded: 2014

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Founded as RigUp in 2014 and later rebranded to Workrise, the company has established itself as an essential tool for energy companies to manage their contingent workforce. Located in Austin, Texas, Workrise leverages a robust platform that facilitates the hiring, management, and payment processes for skilled labor across the United States and Canada. The platform serves a diverse client base, from oil & gas supermajors to utility-scale renewable developers, addressing over 200 service categories. The founders, Xuan Yong and Mike Witte, recognized the need for a more integrated and responsive workforce management system in the fragmented energy sector. Under their leadership, Workrise has grown significantly, providing tools for client engagement, billing, and compliance alongside workforce management. These tools are crucial for companies looking to streamline operations and reduce overhead while maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency. Workrise also offers a network that connects companies with a pool of over 5,000 workers actively billing in more than 400 roles. This network is not only a labor resource but also a platform for continual professional development and employment stability in the fluctuating energy market. Through Workrise, companies gain the flexibility to scale labor resources up or down as projects demand, making it an invaluable partner in today’s dynamic energy landscape.

Management Team

Xuan Yong Executive Chairman, Co-Founder
Mike White CEO, Co-Founder
Josh Trott CRO
Olivia Howe CLO
Ed Neumann CFO
Kimberly Blount CAO
Praveen Kalamegham CTO

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