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Wonder revolutionizes food delivery by offering a unique dining experience through an innovative food hall concept. It collaborates with iconic chefs and renowned restaurants, providing an assortment of culinary delights directly to customers. Designed for convenience, Wonder allows users to enjoy high-quality meals prepared fresh and delivered swiftly. Catering to various dining preferences, it ensures a diverse range of options for every palate.

Founded: 2018

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Wonder Company Overview

Founded to transform the traditional food delivery system, Wonder has emerged as a distinctive platform combining the variety of a food hall with the convenience of online ordering. This model focuses on delivering a curated dining experience to the consumer's doorstep. Wonder partners with top-tier chefs and well-known restaurants to create a diverse menu spanning numerous cuisines and dining styles. Central to Wonder's service is its emphasis on quality and speed, with meals prepared fresh upon order and delivered typically within 35 minutes. The service area currently includes multiple locations across New York and New Jersey, with plans for further expansion. The platform offers an easy-to-navigate interface where customers can choose from various renowned restaurants, enhancing the dining experience. Additionally, Wonder is more than a food delivery service; it is a culinary community hub, offering features like special deals and memberships through Wonder+, which enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Their use of technology is evident in their streamlined app, making food ordering not only easy but also enjoyable. Wonder has positioned itself not just as a food delivery service but as a significant community player, providing a unique blend of convenience, quality, and variety.

Management Team

Scott Hilton CEO
Weihua Yan CTO
Sloan Eddleston CMO
Kristin Reilly CPO
Stephen Toebes Chief Engineering Officer
Stephanie Brensilver General Counsel

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