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WeLab is a leading pan-Asian fintech platform offering innovative digital banking and consumer financing solutions. Serving millions of users and hundreds of enterprise clients, WeLab provides mobile-based financial services leveraging advanced AI and proprietary risk management technology. The company operates in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Indonesia, providing accessible and convenient financial products.

Founded: 2013

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WeLab is a leading pan-Asian fintech company transforming digital banking and consumer financing. Headquartered in Hong Kong, WeLab has expanded its innovative financial solutions across Mainland China and Indonesia. The company provides mobile-based financial services to millions of users and numerous enterprise clients through its various platforms, including WeLab Bank, one of Asia’s first licensed digital banks, WeLend, Bank Saqu, Maucash, and Wallet GuGu. WeLab leverages advanced artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and proprietary risk management technology to deliver secure, efficient, and user-friendly financial services. The firm's digital ecosystem allows users to access a wide range of services, from personal loans to online savings accounts, with the convenience and flexibility that modern consumers demand. WeLab's commitment to technology and innovation is evident in its approach to financial inclusion, making financial services more accessible to underserved populations. By utilizing sophisticated algorithms and real-time data, WeLab can offer personalized financial products and manage risk effectively, ensuring a high level of service reliability. Moreover, WeLab places a strong emphasis on customer experience, continually enhancing its platforms to meet the evolving needs of its users. The company's dedication to security and user privacy further reinforces its reputation as a trustworthy financial service provider. Through its pioneering efforts, WeLab is not only reshaping the fintech landscape in Asia but also setting new standards for digital banking and consumer finance worldwide. With a vision to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom, WeLab continues to innovate and expand, driving the future of finance with technology at its core.

Management Team

Simon Loong Co-Founder, CEO
Kelly Wong Co-Founder, COO
Karen Ho CFO
Paul Ip Chief Risk Officer
Frances Kang Co-Founder

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