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Vox Media is a premier modern media company renowned for its influential editorial properties and innovative technology. It manages diverse brands including Vox, The Verge, SB Nation, Polygon, and Eater. Vox Media produces content across websites, podcasts, and video platforms, engaging a wide audience with its high-quality journalism and storytelling.

Founded: 2011

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Vox Media Company Overview

Vox Media, Inc. was established by Jim Bankoff and Trei Brundrett. The company began by consolidating several successful digital brands, initially focusing on SB Nation, a sports blogging network created by Tyler Bleszinski, Markos Moulitsas, and Jerome Armstrong. Over the years, Vox Media expanded its portfolio significantly through strategic launches and acquisitions. Vox Media launched Polygon, a video gaming website led by former Joystiq editor Christopher Grant. This marked the beginning of Vox Media’s expansion into various digital content verticals. The company's growth continued with the acquisition of Curbed Network, which included the real-estate blog Curbed, the food blog Eater, and the fashion blog Racked. This acquisition broadened Vox Media’s content reach and audience base. The company then launched Vox, a general interest news site known for its explanatory journalism. Led by former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, alongside Melissa Bell and Matthew Yglesias, Vox provides in-depth context to current events and trending topics, establishing itself as a prominent voice in digital news. Vox Media's growth strategy included acquiring Recode, a technology news website founded by renowned journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. This acquisition reinforced Vox Media's presence in the technology journalism sector. The company's expansion continued with the merger with New York Media, the parent company of New York Magazine. This merger significantly enhanced Vox Media's editorial strength and market presence. Vox Media operates the Vox Media Podcast Network, hosting a variety of popular podcasts that cover technology, news, pop culture, and more. Vox Media Studios, the company's production division, creates high-quality nonfiction and scripted programming for television and streaming platforms, further diversifying its content offerings. Throughout its evolution, Vox Media has focused on leveraging innovative technology to distribute content effectively. The company’s commitment to quality journalism, combined with its diverse digital, audio, and video content, positions it as a key player in the contemporary media landscape. Vox Media’s success is attributed to its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of modern audiences and its dedication to delivering high-quality storytelling across multiple platforms.

Management Team

Jim Bankoff CEO
Joe Alicata Chief People Officer
Melissa Bell Publisher
Trei Brundrett COO
Lauren Fisher Chief Legal Officer
Mike Hadgis SVP, Head of Revenue & Partnerships
Alexa Juneja VP, People and Culture
Marty Moe President
Lindsay Nelson CMO
Steve Swad CFO

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