Stock is an innovative healthcare technology company that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance patient care through smarter, faster clinical solutions. The company's AI-powered platform optimizes the care coordination process, integrating seamlessly into existing medical workflows to provide real-time analysis and actionable insights. This facilitates quicker diagnosis and treatment across several specialties, including neurology, cardiology, and vascular care, significantly improving clinical outcomes and operational efficiency.

Founded: 2016 Website Company Overview

Founded with the mission to revolutionize patient care through artificial intelligence, has rapidly positioned itself at the forefront of healthcare innovation. The company harnesses powerful AI algorithms to analyze medical imaging and other data, enabling healthcare providers to make quicker and more accurate decisions. This technology is particularly critical in time-sensitive medical scenarios such as stroke detection, where's solutions can identify signs of large vessel occlusions faster than traditional methods, thereby accelerating patient access to life-saving treatments.'s product suite includes specialized solutions for various medical fields: the Viz Neuro Suite, Viz Vascular Suite, and Viz Cardio Suite among others. Each suite is tailored to meet the unique demands of its respective specialty, equipped with FDA-cleared algorithms that support a wide range of functions from diagnosis to therapeutic interventions. These AI-driven tools not only detect and alert healthcare professionals about critical patient events but also facilitate a coordinated response that is crucial for effective treatment. The company was co-founded by a team of entrepreneurs and medical professionals who recognized the potential of AI in transforming healthcare outcomes. They have successfully led to achieve significant milestones, including prestigious partnerships with leading medical institutions and regulatory approvals for their innovative technologies. Moreover, is committed to ongoing research and development, as evidenced by their extensive portfolio of clinical studies and publications that demonstrate the efficacy and impact of their AI solutions on patient care and healthcare systems globally. Operating from its base in San Francisco, continues to expand its reach and influence in the healthcare sector, driven by its vision to bridge the gap between advanced technology and clinical practice for enhanced patient outcomes worldwide.

Management Team

Chris Mansi CEO and Co-Founder
David Golan CTO and Co-Founder
David Kizner Chief Privacy Officer
Gad Sakin Chief Product Officer
Kurt Blasena CRO
Julie Skaff COO
Jayme Strauss Chief Clinical Officer
Jieun Choe Chief Marketing Officer

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