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Viridian Biometals is pioneering environmentally friendly metal refining by utilizing advanced, AI-assisted biotechnologies. Their proprietary technology uses naturally occurring bacteria to refine critical metals needed for the energy transition, ensuring a process that is both energy-efficient and free from toxic waste.

Viridian Biometals Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize the metal refining industry, Viridian Biometals has positioned itself as a key player in sustainable metal production. The company leverages cutting-edge biotechnology that employs naturally occurring bacteria enhanced through artificial intelligence. This innovative approach allows the bacteria to "breathe" metal ores and extract essential metals in a process that significantly reduces the need for traditional, energy-intensive methods and eliminates the generation of toxic waste. Viridian Biometals focuses on metals that are crucial for the global energy transition, such as those used in batteries and renewable energy technologies. By reducing the environmental impact associated with metal refining, Viridian not only supports a more sustainable industry but also contributes to the broader goal of protecting the planet. This makes their method especially valuable in a world increasingly driven by ecological concerns and the push for cleaner, more sustainable industrial processes. The company's technology promises to decrease the costs of refining while simultaneously enhancing the safety and environmental standards of the industry. This balance of economic efficiency and environmental responsibility highlights Viridian Biometals' commitment to innovative solutions that meet the challenges of modern metal demands. While the company's website focuses primarily on its core technology, it also emphasizes their mission to make metal refining safer for people and the planet. This dual focus on innovation and responsibility encapsulates Viridian Biometals' business philosophy, which is to provide solutions that are both economically viable and environmentally sound. The website does not detail the founders or the exact date of establishment, focusing instead on their technological and ecological impact.

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Eric Macris Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ken Nealson, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer

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