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Viral Nation is a global leader in social media transformation and commerce, offering services in influencer marketing, creative content, social experiential, community management, performance marketing, and business intelligence. Their proprietary AI-powered technology maximizes ROI and brand impact. Viral Nation represents hundreds of influencers, providing brands with authentic, engaging content to drive social-first marketing strategies and enhance campaign effectiveness.

Founded: 2012

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Viral Nation Company Overview

Viral Nation is a premier agency specializing in social media transformation and commerce, delivering a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate brand presence and engagement. Their offerings encompass influencer marketing, creative content production, social experiential initiatives, community management, performance marketing, and business intelligence. Utilizing proprietary AI-powered technology, Viral Nation enhances campaign effectiveness and ensures brand safety, providing clients with a high return on investment. The agency's talent division manages hundreds of influencers, enabling brands to access authentic, engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. Viral Nation's key solutions include Viral Nation_Secure™, a tool for comprehensive social media monitoring and brand safety, and Viral Nation_CreatorOS™, a platform designed for streamlined influencer campaign management. Viral Nation's innovative approach and expertise have earned them numerous industry awards and recognition. They collaborate with top global brands to implement social-first marketing strategies, leveraging data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to optimize campaign performance. Their creative content team produces compelling visual and multimedia content, tailored to engage target audiences across various social media platforms. The agency also emphasizes community management, fostering active and engaged online communities for brands. Their performance marketing services drive measurable results, utilizing advanced analytics to optimize ad spend and maximize reach and engagement. Additionally, their business intelligence services offer clients deep insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and campaign performance, empowering brands to make informed strategic decisions. Renowned for their ability to transform social media presence, Viral Nation continues to push the boundaries of influencer marketing and social media strategy. Their commitment to innovation, authenticity, and measurable results positions them as a leader in the industry, helping brands achieve significant growth and visibility in the digital landscape.

Management Team

Joe Gagliese Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Mat Micheli Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Lauren Crampsie President, Marketing
Jonathan Chanti Chief Growth Officer
Manny Kandola CTO
Emma Ferrara Chief Business Development Officer

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