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Via Transportation specializes in TransitTech solutions, providing advanced, scalable public transit technologies designed to enhance urban mobility. The company offers innovative services tailored for cities, transit authorities, schools, and corporate campuses, focusing on microtransit, paratransit, and student transit solutions.

Founded: 2012

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Via Company Overview

Via Transportation, Inc., founded to revolutionize public transit through digital transformation, serves a global market with its innovative TransitTech platform. The company leverages advanced technology to offer scalable and flexible public transportation solutions aimed at improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing user satisfaction. Via's primary offerings include microtransit systems that are highly configurable, paratransit solutions that ensure compliance while exceeding rider expectations, and student transit systems designed for safety and efficiency. These solutions are supplemented by strategic planning, scheduling, consulting services, and proprietary technology such as Citymapper, aimed at strengthening transit networks through data-driven insights and comprehensive planning tools. The founders of Via envisioned a system where technology empowers more efficient, greener, and cost-effective public transportation. Their technology supports various stakeholders, including transit authorities, operators, and planners, to manage operations smoothly and effectively cater to diverse community needs. This vision has been realized in over 700 communities across more than 50 countries, significantly impacting millions of rides globally. Via Transportation’s approach to public transit solutions is centered on community needs, prioritizing accessibility and convenience. The company has successfully reduced trip costs and durations, showcasing the effectiveness of their deployments across various locations. Additionally, Via places a strong emphasis on sustainability and community integration, establishing itself as a key contributor to the transformation of urban mobility. Their strategic partnerships, robust technological framework, and commitment to transforming public transit define Via's ongoing mission to innovate and expand. As they continue to grow, Via remains dedicated to enhancing the connectivity and efficiency of public transportation systems around the world, making mobility seamless and accessible for all.

Management Team

Daniel Ramot Co-Founder and CEO
Oren Shoval Co-Founder and CTO
Saar Golde Chief Data Scientist
Zachary Wasserman Chief Strategy Officer
Clara Fain CFO
Dillon Twombly CRO

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