Verbit Stock specializes in providing advanced AI-driven transcription and captioning services. Catering to diverse industries such as education, legal, media, and corporate sectors, Verbit leverages proprietary technology to offer solutions that enhance media accessibility. The platform emphasizes real-time, professional-grade captioning and transcription, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards and integrating seamlessly with major digital platforms.

Founded: 2017

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Verbit Company Overview

Founded with the vision to enhance accessibility and communication across various media platforms, has established itself as a leader in AI-powered transcription and captioning services. Verbit utilizes cutting-edge automatic speech recognition technology, Captivate™, and Generative AI, Gen.V™, to deliver accurate and timely transcripts. These technologies are tailored to the specific needs of their clients, providing term boosting and proactive research to ensure high relevance and customization. Verbit's services are crucial for industries such as education, where they support digital learning environments; legal sectors, where precision in transcription is paramount; and media production, where timely and accurate captions are essential. The company also serves corporate and government entities, ensuring that meetings and communications meet accessibility standards. The platform supports over 51 languages and provides tools for live captioning, audio description, translation, and customized transcription services. Verbit’s solutions integrate with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, making it versatile for a range of use cases from educational lectures to corporate webinars. Verbit's commitment to innovation is evident in its strategic acquisitions and the continuous enhancement of its AI technologies. The company's dedication to quality service is highlighted by its 24/7 customer support and the employment of a significant portion of its workforce in engineering roles, ensuring that their technology remains at the forefront of the industry. Verbit is well-positioned in the burgeoning field of AI-driven accessibility tools. With a robust technological foundation and broad industry applicability, Verbit is committed to excellence in service. This dedication makes it a standout choice for those interested in cutting-edge communication solutions.

Management Team

Yair Amsterdam CEO
Sagi Rothman CFO
Jim Holmes Chief Revenue Officer
Barak Rozenblat Chief Operating Officer
Dikla Edlis Chief Human Resources Officer
JP Son Chief Legal Officer
Michal Hershkovitz Chief of Staff

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