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uShip operates as a dynamic online marketplace specializing in shipping services, catering to both individual and business needs. By efficiently connecting customers with transportation providers who have extra space, uShip offers competitive pricing across a broad spectrum of shipping needs, including vehicles, furniture, and heavy equipment. The platform enhances the shipping process through features like mobile tracking, secure payments, and an extensive carrier network.

Founded: 2003

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uShip Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize the logistics industry, uShip serves as a comprehensive online marketplace that facilitates the shipping of large and bulky items by connecting shippers with carriers who have extra truck space. This setup allows customers to list items they need shipped, such as cars, motorcycles, furniture, and heavy freight, and receive bids from thousands of feedback-rated shipping providers. The founders designed uShip to lower shipping costs and increase efficiency by filling unused cargo space, which benefits both shippers seeking affordable options and carriers looking to maximize their earnings. With over a million shipping customers and 10,000 service providers, uShip boasts an impressive reach in the logistics sector. Key features of the platform include real-time tracking, secure payment systems, and a shipping guarantee that enhances customer trust and provider accountability. Additionally, uShip’s partnership with platforms like Etsy showcases its commitment to serving e-commerce businesses by offering specialized shipping solutions for bulky items. uShip’s role extends beyond consumer shipping; it actively supports business logistics by offering tools and services that simplify the booking, communication, and payment processes. This business-centric approach helps companies manage their freight shipping more effectively, making uShip a pivotal player in modern logistics solutions.

Management Team

Kris Lamb CEO
Heather Hoover-Saloman COO
Janet Vito Marketing & Sales
Paul English Finance
Robin Reynolds Product Management
Lyndy Watkins Strategic Programs
Marina Carter Human Resources
Jami Carouso Customer Operations
Jason Morillo Development
Chris Neeley Corporate Controller

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