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UPSIDE Foods specializes in cultivated meat, a sustainable and humane alternative to traditional meat production. They produce high-quality meat directly from animal cells, eliminating the need for livestock raising and slaughtering. Their approach promises a revolution in how meat is produced, offering a flavorful and ethical option that appeals to food lovers and environmental advocates alike.

Founded: 2015

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Founded to redefine meat production, UPSIDE Foods is at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry. This innovative company produces meat directly from animal cells, which allows for the creation of real meat without the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock farming. Their process starts with cell cultures, which are nurtured to grow into meat in a controlled, sterile environment, effectively bypassing the need for animal rearing and slaughtering. The concept of cultivated meat not only addresses the growing concerns over animal welfare but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of meat production. It diminishes the use of land, water, and energy, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global sustainability goals. UPSIDE Foods' products are designed to meet the taste and texture expectations of the most discerning meat lovers, ensuring that their offerings are not just ethical but also delicious. The company was founded by a team passionate about leveraging science to improve food systems. Their leadership includes experts in molecular biology, culinary arts, and sustainable business practices, aiming to bring cultivated meat to the mainstream market. They have received endorsements from high-profile culinary experts, including Michelin-starred chefs who praise the quality and taste of UPSIDE Foods' products. UPSIDE Foods has also engaged in extensive advocacy and educational efforts to inform the public and regulators about the benefits of cultivated meat. They argue that this innovation can coexist with traditional farming methods, providing consumers with more choices and contributing to a more resilient food system. As the company grows, it continues to innovate and expand its product line, aiming to cater to a broad range of culinary preferences and cultural tastes. With a strong commitment to quality, safety, and transparency, UPSIDE Foods is paving the way for a new era in food production, where meat is grown, not bred.

Management Team

Uma Valeti, MD CEO and Founder
Amy Chen COO
Dharma Bangladore, PhD Head of Food R&D

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