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Upside is a dynamic cashback platform designed to enhance the value of everyday purchases. By utilizing the Upside app, consumers can earn cash back on gas, groceries, and dining out. The service targets individual users aiming to optimize their spending, as well as businesses seeking to attract new customers through unique offers and rewards.

Founded: 2016

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Upside Company Overview

Founded with the mission to empower consumers to maximize their spending efficiency, Upside offers a user-friendly app that provides cash back on everyday purchases such as fuel, groceries, and dining. Users simply download the app, find cashback offers nearby, and earn rewards by shopping as usual with their credit or debit card. The earnings can then be cashed out to a bank account, PayPal, or gift cards. The company has strategically partnered with numerous well-known brands to ensure that users have access to a broad range of cashback opportunities across the United States. These partnerships help Upside drive significant traffic and sales to participating businesses while offering consumers a more rewarding shopping experience. Upside's business model focuses not only on individual consumers but also on providing services to businesses. The platform offers a unique value proposition to business owners by enabling them to reach new customers and increase profits through the integration of Upside’s offers into their marketing strategies. This dual focus on consumer savings and business growth underpins the company’s expansion and popularity. Key to Upside's success is its emphasis on simplicity and transparency, allowing users to earn cash back without the complexities typically associated with reward programs. The platform ensures that there are no hidden conditions attached to the cashback, making it an attractive option for consumers who are wary of traditional rewards programs with complicated points systems or restrictions. Based in Washington, D.C., Upside continues to innovate within the realm of financial technology by enhancing its app and expanding its service offerings, all while maintaining a strong commitment to user satisfaction and business partnership growth.

Management Team

Alex Kinnier Co-Founder and CEO
Wayne Lin Co-Founder and COO
Joanna Kochaniak Co-Founder and COO
Jan Rubio Co-Founder and Principal Designer
Rick McPhee Co-Founder and Head of Engineering
Kristen Thiede Chief People and Strategic Partnerships Officer
Daryl Ribeiro CFO
Marcia Main Chief Information Security Officer
David Sosnowski Chief Experience Officer
Sean Carr Chief Revenue Officer

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