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Uphold is a leading digital currency platform, offering a range of financial services including cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and national currencies. Known for its user-friendly interface, Uphold enables simple, one-step trading across a diverse portfolio of assets. The platform emphasizes security and transparency, providing real-time publication of its financial reserves.

Founded: 2013

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Uphold Inc., launched in 2014 and headquartered in Larkspur, California, has established itself as a revolutionary digital finance platform, designed to facilitate seamless transactions across a diverse array of assets. The platform allows users to directly convert cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and fiat currencies in a single step, setting it apart from competitors that typically require multiple transaction processes. Uphold is celebrated for its exceptional commitment to security and transparency, regularly publishing its reserve holdings in real-time to ensure users that their assets are handled with utmost integrity and are never lent out. Uphold offers a wide range of financial instruments, including prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, alongside lesser-known digital tokens. The platform also enables investments in traditional precious metals like gold and silver, and various national currencies, making it a comprehensive resource for diverse investment needs. This broad spectrum of offerings is particularly appealing to investors who value having multiple asset classes accessible through a single platform. In addition to its product offerings, Uphold is known for pioneering practices in financial transparency—a rare feat in the digital finance space. By openly sharing its financial reserves and liabilities every 30 seconds, Uphold builds a foundation of trust with its user base, distinguishing itself from other financial platforms where such practices are not standard. The leadership at Uphold, comprised of veterans from the finance and technology sectors, continues to drive the company towards innovative horizons. Their collective experience not only strengthens Uphold’s product offerings but also ensures that the platform remains on the cutting edge of financial technology. The integration of advanced technologies such as decentralized finance and blockchain enhances transaction efficiencies and opens new avenues for trading, solidifying Uphold's role as a leader in the digital finance industry.

Management Team

Simon McLoughlin Chief Executive Officer
Nuno Ferreira Chief Technology Officer
Cem Miralay Chief Product Officer
Nancy Beaton Group Chief Revenue Officer
Lee Hansen Chief Financial Officer
Anthony Johnson Chief Operating Officer
Rui Silva Chief Design Officer
Chris Adjei-Ampofo Chief Information Officer

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