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Unqork is an innovative platform offering codeless development solutions tailored for enterprise applications. The company specializes in transforming digital operations across various industries by providing a visually-driven, code-free development environment. This facilitates rapid application deployment and seamless integration with existing systems, significantly reducing time-to-market and operational costs.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to revolutionize software development, Unqork is a pioneering enterprise in the no-code platform market. It empowers businesses by eliminating the need for traditional coding, instead offering a visual interface where applications are built through drag-and-drop components. This codeless approach not only speeds up the development process but also reduces the potential for errors and the technical debt associated with legacy systems. Unqork's platform serves a diverse range of industries including financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, and high-tech. By automating and streamlining critical business processes, Unqork helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. For instance, in the financial sector, Unqork simplifies customer onboarding and account maintenance, whereas in healthcare, it enhances patient experience management. The platform's robust architecture supports enterprise-grade applications with stringent security, compliance, and scalability requirements. It integrates advanced features like automated updates and real-time application monitoring, ensuring high availability and reliability. Unqork's compliance with top industry standards reflects its commitment to security and trust. Leadership at Unqork is composed of experts from technology and business sectors, bringing decades of experience to the company. This leadership guides Unqork's strategic direction, fostering innovation while ensuring adaptability and resilience in changing market conditions. Unqork also emphasizes community and education through initiatives like Unqork Academy and a dedicated community hub, where users can enhance their skills and collaborate. The Unqork Marketplace further extends its platform's capabilities by offering pre-built modules and integrations that address specific business needs. This holistic approach has positioned Unqork as a leader in the no-code development space, enabling organizations to focus more on business growth and less on managing technological complexities.

Management Team

Gary Hoberman Founder, CEO
Bassam Chaptini Ph. D CTO
Rabih Ramadi CRO
Daniel Wood CISO
Thierry Bonfante CPO

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