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Uniphore is a leading enterprise AI platform specializing in conversational AI and automation. It provides innovative solutions for customer service, sales, and employee experiences, leveraging technologies like emotion AI and generative AI to enhance interactions and drive business outcomes.

Founded: 2008

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Uniphore is a pioneering enterprise AI platform focusing on conversational AI and automation. The company's product suite includes U-Self Serve, providing virtual assistance; U-Assist, offering real-time support for agents; and U-Analyze, delivering comprehensive conversational analytics. Uniphore’s X-Platform integrates voice, video, text, and data, creating a robust multimodal AI and data platform tailored for sectors such as banking, healthcare, telecommunications, and travel. A standout feature of Uniphore's offerings is its advanced emotion AI and generative AI capabilities. These technologies enable the platform to interpret and respond to human emotions, fostering personalized and effective interactions. This innovation not only enhances customer service experiences but also drives significant improvements in operational efficiency and sales productivity. With thousands of enterprise clients globally, Uniphore has a strong track record of transforming business operations and customer interactions. The platform's ability to deliver measurable outcomes has earned it recognition and awards from industry leaders. Uniphore continues to lead in the development and deployment of AI-powered solutions that revolutionize enterprise functions and elevate customer satisfaction. Through continuous innovation and a deep understanding of AI's potential, Uniphore remains dedicated to advancing the future of enterprise AI.

Management Team

Umesh Sachdev CEO and Co-Founder
Ravi Saraogi President APAC and Co-Founder
Stephane Berthier CFO
Balaji Raghavan CTO
Annie Weckesser CMO
Ritesh Idnani Chief Revenue Officer

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