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Turntide Technologies specializes in creating sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for various industries. Their products include advanced motors, power electronics, energy storage systems, and thermal management solutions. Committed to decarbonizing global industries, Turntide leverages innovative technology to reduce environmental impact while improving operational efficiency.

Turntide Technologies Company Overview

Turntide Technologies is dedicated to revolutionizing energy efficiency and sustainability across various industries. Their portfolio encompasses advanced high-efficiency motors, power electronics, energy storage systems, and thermal management solutions. These products are engineered to minimize environmental impact and enhance operational performance, addressing the needs of sectors such as off-highway, e-mobility, on-highway, industrial machinery, marine, rail, premium automotive, commercial buildings, and agriculture. Turntide's innovative magnetic-free motors and energy-efficient inverters optimize energy use, offering significant reductions in energy consumption compared to traditional systems. Their lithium-ion NMC battery solutions provide intelligent, modular storage options, enabling flexible and scalable energy management. Additionally, Turntide's thermal management products ensure efficient cooling and optimal performance across various applications, further contributing to energy savings and sustainability. Guided by a seasoned leadership team with a strong focus on environmental stewardship and technological innovation, Turntide collaborates with numerous industry partners to implement their solutions in real-world scenarios. These partnerships have demonstrated significant energy savings and operational enhancements, reinforcing Turntide's position as a leader in green technology. Recognized as a top green technology company by notable organizations, Turntide continues to drive the decarbonization of global industries through scalable and tailored electrification solutions. Their mission to enable the world to do more with less is evident in their dedication to reducing the global carbon footprint through cutting-edge, sustainable technology. By leveraging their expertise in advanced motor and energy management systems, Turntide is committed to creating a more sustainable future, ensuring that industries worldwide can operate more efficiently and with a reduced environmental impact. Turntide's holistic approach to energy efficiency and sustainability positions them at the forefront of the green technology sector, as they continue to innovate and expand their offerings to meet the evolving needs of a rapidly changing world. Their efforts not only contribute to environmental conservation but also provide substantial economic benefits through improved energy efficiency and operational cost savings.

Management Team

Ryan Morris CEO, Chairman, and President
Michael Karim CFO and COO
Carl Burrow CRO

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