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Turing leverages AI technology to connect businesses with top-tier technical professionals and provide custom AI solutions. Specializing in AI-powered talent acquisition and large language model (LLM) enhancements, Turing helps companies accelerate their digital transformation with on-demand teams and bespoke AI systems.

Founded: 2018

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Turing aims to revolutionize tech hiring through AI technology. The company addresses the challenges of sourcing and hiring global talent by combining detailed profiles, rigorous vetting processes, and a reliable administration platform for distributed teams. Based in Palo Alto, California, Turing has built a network of over 3 million professionals from 150 countries, offering diverse technical skills and technologies. Turing's services are designed for enterprises and startups needing on-demand software developers, data scientists, and AI specialists. The platform matches companies with top-tier technical talent, significantly reducing hiring time and costs. Turing also provides bespoke AI solutions, including large language model (LLM) training and enhancements. Their AI-driven productivity tools, such as supervised fine-tuning and retrieval-augmented generation, help businesses improve efficiency and innovation. With over 125 years of combined expertise, Turing ensures secure, high-quality data management and robust AI integration strategies. The company has achieved a 95% trial success rate and can deliver on-demand hires in as little as four days. Turing's success is reflected in its extensive client base and recognition as one of America's best startup employers and a leader in innovative technology solutions. Turing's mission is to democratize access to career-defining job opportunities for technical professionals worldwide while enabling companies to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge in various industries.

Management Team

Jonathan Siddharth Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Phil Walsh Chief Marketing Officer
Vijay Krishnan Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Prakash Gupta Chief Revenue Officer
Alok Bhushan Chief Financial Officer

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