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Truework is a leading platform for income and employment verification, designed to streamline and automate the verification process. Serving industries such as mortgage lending and tenant screening, Truework enhances efficiency by integrating various verification methods into a customizable system, utilizing multiple data sources, and offering success-based pricing.

Founded: 2017

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Truework Company Overview

Truework was founded to revolutionize income and employment verification by offering a unified, automated platform. The platform addresses the needs of industries like mortgage lending and tenant screening by integrating diverse verification methods into a single, customizable system. Truework’s technology harnesses multiple data sources, minimizing manual effort and reducing the risk of income fraud. Truework’s intelligent orchestration system ensures each verification request is routed to the most efficient method, enhancing data accuracy and reliability. This is complemented by a success-based pricing model, where clients only pay for completed and verified transactions. This model underscores Truework’s commitment to providing value and reducing unnecessary costs. The company has forged significant partnerships to bolster its verification capabilities, expanding Truework’s data access and enabling comprehensive and trustworthy verifications. Additionally, Truework’s platform is noted for its user-centric approach, offering flexibility to tailor solutions to meet specific business requirements. Truework's effectiveness in increasing operational efficiency and reducing processing times has been praised by its clients, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to streamline their verification processes. With its advanced technology and strategic partnerships, Truework continues to set the standard in the verification industry.

Management Team

Ryan Sandler Co-Founder and CEO
Pravesh Mistry CRO
Ethan Winchell President and COO
Victor Kabdebon Co-Founder and CTO

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