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Navan, previously known as TripActions, is a premier corporate travel and expense management platform that streamlines business travel, integrates expense management, and maximizes efficiency for companies globally. Their solutions cater to various stakeholders, including travel managers, finance teams, and individual travelers, aiming to enhance visibility, control, and savings for corporate travel expenses.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with a mission to simplify corporate travel, Navan (formerly TripActions) has evolved into a leading global provider of travel and expense management solutions. The company offers a comprehensive platform that addresses the needs of modern enterprises by integrating travel booking with automated expense management, thereby reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Navan's software supports seamless integration with other business tools, offering real-time reporting and analytics to ensure financial oversight and policy compliance. Key products of Navan include a unified travel and expense app that provides users with tools for booking travel, managing expenses, and gaining insights into spending patterns. This platform is particularly appreciated for its user-friendly interface and the inclusion of corporate cards and rewards programs, which incentivize cost-effective travel decisions. The founders of Navan aimed to revolutionize the traditional corporate travel landscape by addressing common pain points such as complex travel arrangements and inefficient expense tracking. Their approach has garnered significant industry approval, making Navan a preferred partner for numerous high-profile enterprises across multiple sectors. Navan continues to expand its reach and capabilities, with a focus on innovation in travel technology and customer experience, setting new standards for the travel and expense management industry. This commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes Navan an attractive option for companies looking to optimize their travel and expense operations.

Management Team

Ariel Cohen Co-Founder, CEO
Ilan Twig Co-Founder, CTO
Carlos Delatorre Chief Revenue Officer
Meagen Eisenberg Chief Marketing Officer
Leslie Kurkjian Crowe Chief People Officer
Thomas Tuchscherer CFO
Ciara Govern Chief Customer Officer
Sai Jahann General Counsel

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