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Tradeshift is a pioneering company that revolutionizes business connectivity through its expansive B2B commerce network. It offers innovative solutions including AP automation, e-invoicing, and supplier management services. Aimed at enhancing B2B transactions, Tradeshift enables businesses to manage procurement and financial processes digitally, boosting efficiency and compliance across global markets.

Founded: 2009

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Tradeshift Company Overview

Tradeshift stands out as a transformative force in global supply chain management, providing a comprehensive digital platform that supports all facets of business interactions. It specializes in facilitating B2B commerce through a range of products designed to automate and simplify processes such as accounts payable, e-invoicing, and supplier management. These innovative solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance with international standards. The platform significantly impacts global business operations by connecting companies worldwide, thus enabling digital transformations across various sectors including manufacturing and retail. Through its network, Tradeshift not only streamlines transaction processes but also fosters robust business relationships by making procurement and financial transactions more transparent and manageable. Tradeshift's commitment extends beyond mere business facilitation to include promoting sustainable and ethical supply chain practices. This is evident in its solutions that support responsible management and adherence to global regulations concerning e-invoicing. The user-centric design of Tradeshift’s platform ensures seamless integration and real-time problem-solving capabilities, enhancing the digital experience for all users. Operational in over 190 countries, Tradeshift's influence is broad, catalyzing significant improvements in how businesses operate globally, paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient digital marketplace.

Management Team

Christian Lanng Co-Founder, CEO
Mikkel Hippe Brun Co-Founder, SVP of China
Gert Sylvest Co-Founder, GM Tradeshift Frontiers
Rinus Strydom Chief Commercial Officer
Melissa Gordon SVP & GM Marketplace & Platform
Rolf Njor Jensen SVP Engineering
Peter van Pruissen CFO
Anja Møller Eriksen Chief of Staff, SVP Operational Strategy & People
Roy Anderson Chief Procurement Officer
Amer Moorhead Chief Legal Officer
Doug Folden VP People

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