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Together AI offers the fastest cloud platform for building and deploying generative AI models. Their services include high-speed inference, fine-tuning, and custom model creation using dedicated GPU clusters. Together AI leverages state-of-the-art research to optimize AI performance and scalability, supporting various industries with cutting-edge AI solutions.

Founded: 2022 Website Company Overview

AI provides a comprehensive cloud platform designed for developing and running generative AI models at unparalleled speeds. Their product suite includes Together Inference, which offers the fastest inference stack available through an easy-to-use API, and Together Fine-tuning, enabling the customization of AI models with private data to enhance accuracy and performance. The company's infrastructure is built around high-performance GPU clusters, offering configurations that range from 16 to 2048 GPUs, including advanced options like the NVIDIA A100 and H100. These clusters are optimized for distributed training and fine-tuning, ensuring efficient and scalable AI development. Together AI's research has led to significant advancements such as FlashAttention, which accelerates AI model training by optimizing GPU memory usage and processing speeds. Together AI’s commitment to open-source principles is evident in their support for democratizing access to leading generative AI models and datasets. The company was founded by a team of AI experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with generative AI. They collaborate with leading research institutions to continuously enhance their offerings, ensuring that their clients benefit from the latest advancements in AI technology. Together AI supports various industries, including tech, finance, healthcare, and more, by providing AI solutions tailored to specific use cases. Their platform is trusted by numerous businesses looking to harness the power of generative AI for innovation and growth. Together AI stands out for its speed, efficiency, and commitment to open-source principles, making it a go-to provider for enterprises seeking robust AI solutions. Their focus on high-speed inference and fine-tuning ensures that clients can deploy customized AI models quickly and effectively, driving forward advancements in artificial intelligence across diverse sectors.

Management Team

Vipul Prakash Co-Founder, CEO
Ce Zhang Co-Founder, CTO
Tri Dao Chief Scientist

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