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Titan is a premier investment management firm focused on democratizing sophisticated, Wall Street-level investment strategies for individual investors. Utilizing advanced technology, Titan offers a blend of high-yield cash management, active and passive equity management, and exclusive access to alternative investments such as venture capital. The firm is known for its transparency and innovative approach to investment, making professional-grade opportunities accessible to a wider audience.

Founded: 2018

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Titan Global Capital Management USA LLC, also known as Titan, is a SEC-registered investment advisor founded with the mission to make elite investment strategies accessible to the average investor. Titan offers a mix of investment services that span across various asset classes, including equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and real estate. The platform is particularly noted for its "Smart Cash" accounts and actively managed portfolios designed to surpass traditional investment benchmarks. Titan's approach is heavily centered on transparency and education, offering real-time investment tracking and detailed explanations of investment decisions. This is complemented by educational resources and access to professional investment advisors, enhancing client understanding and engagement with their investment strategies. The firm has been recognized by industry leaders and has received accolades for its innovative wealth management solutions. Titan is distinguished by its use of proprietary technology that optimizes investment efficiency and security, including SIPC insurance to safeguard client assets. Titan redefines personal finance by merging sophisticated financial strategies with advanced technology, empowering individual investors to manage and grow their wealth with the same tools and insights used by institutional investors.

Management Team

Clayton Gardner Co-founder, Co-CEO
Joe Percoco Co-founder, Co-CEO
Max Bernardy Co-founder, CTO
Allison Amadia Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

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