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Tink is a leading European open banking platform, providing data and payment services. Tink enables banks, fintechs, and startups to develop data-driven financial services. It offers products like account aggregation, payment initiation, data enrichment, and personal finance management. Acquired by Visa in 2021, Tink connects to thousands banks and financial institutions, supporting innovative financial solutions across Europe.

Founded: 2012

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Tink Company Overview

Tink is a premier European open banking platform that revolutionizes the financial sector by providing cutting-edge data and payment solutions. Its services cater to a broad range of clients, including banks, fintech companies, and startups, enabling them to build innovative, data-driven financial products. The company's comprehensive product suite includes account aggregation, payment initiation, data enrichment, and personal finance management. Tink’s platform aggregates data from thousands of banks and financial institutions across Europe, offering unparalleled connectivity and integration capabilities. This extensive network empowers clients to offer seamless financial services, enhance customer experiences, and drive financial inclusion. In 2021, Tink was acquired by Visa, a strategic move that has significantly bolstered its resources and reach within the financial technology landscape. This acquisition has further enhanced Tink's ability to support secure, scalable, and compliant financial services across Europe. Tink’s solutions are designed to optimize various financial processes. For instance, its account aggregation service allows customers to view their financial data from multiple banks in one place, while its payment initiation service facilitates direct bank payments, bypassing traditional card networks. Additionally, Tink’s data enrichment and personal finance management tools provide deep insights into consumer behavior, enabling personalized financial advice and smarter decision-making. Committed to innovation and security, Tink is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that all customer data is protected with the highest standards of encryption. By continually expanding its product offerings and enhancing its platform’s capabilities, Tink remains at the forefront of the open banking revolution, driving digital transformation in the financial services industry.

Management Team

Daniel Kjellén Co-Founder, CEO
Fredrik Hedberg Co-Founder, CTO

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