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Thrasio is a pioneering force in the e-commerce sector, specializing in acquiring and scaling Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses. Renowned for its efficient operations and substantial growth, Thrasio is one of Amazon's top five sellers, having enhanced numerous brands internationally through its profound understanding of market demands and innovative business strategies.

Founded: 2018

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Founded with a vision to streamline the success of e-commerce businesses, Thrasio has become a leader in acquiring and scaling Amazon FBA businesses. By employing a strategic blend of analytical and operational excellence, Thrasio optimizes product listings and scales operations, ensuring products reach broader markets effectively. Thrasio's approach involves a meticulous analysis of rankings, ratings, and reviews, combined with adept management of supply chains and marketing to rejuvenate and propel brands to new heights. Thrasio's portfolio includes a diverse range of products that consistently maintain strong revenue streams, even through challenging periods like the COVID-19 pandemic. Its success is underpinned by maintaining high-quality standards across all products, which has positioned Thrasio among the top five Amazon sellers globally. The company estimates that one in six US households has purchased a Thrasio-managed product, underscoring its market penetration and consumer trust. Thrasio's operational model is designed to support sellers at various stages, offering them a robust platform for rapid valuation and sale of their businesses. This support extends beyond the transaction, as Thrasio continues to foster brand growth post-acquisition, ensuring a lasting impact in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Thrasio significantly focuses on international expansion, with a major presence as 86% of its brands are actively sold worldwide across more than 150 different retailers and marketplaces. This global footprint not only enhances brand visibility but also fosters substantial growth in diverse markets. Thrasio's adeptness at navigating various international commerce platforms has proven pivotal in doubling the revenue of its leading brands each year, highlighting its expertise in scaling operations and optimizing e-commerce brands globally.

Management Team

Greg Greeley CEO
Daniel Boockvar President
Stephanie Fox COO
Brian Cooper CFO
Pawan Uppuluri CTO
Archana Singh CPO

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