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ThirdLove stands out in the intimate apparel industry by prioritizing precise fit and inclusivity in its product range, featuring bras and underwear tailored to accommodate every body type. Renowned for its innovation in half-cup sizes and a diverse range of styles, ThirdLove caters to providing a superior, comfortable fit using high-quality materials. The brand is also committed to social responsibility, actively supporting women in need and promoting sustainability through recycling initiatives.

Founded: 2013

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ThirdLove Company Overview

Founded by Heidi Zak and David Spector, ThirdLove has revolutionized the women's underwear market by focusing on fit, comfort, and inclusivity. Distinguishing itself from traditional retailers, ThirdLove introduced half-cup sizing and a Fit Finder quiz, which utilizes machine learning to recommend the perfect bra size and style for each customer. This approach ensures a more personalized shopping experience and significantly reduces the common problem of ill-fitting bras. ThirdLove's product line includes a variety of bras—wireless, t-shirt, lace, and sports bras, among others—alongside underwear that promises both comfort and style. Each product is crafted from premium materials and tested extensively on real women to ensure quality and durability. The company has a strong ethical foundation, too. It has donated over $50 million in products to women in need and engages in various sustainability efforts, such as its Take Back Bag program, which encourages customers to recycle old bras. This commitment to social responsibility not only enhances its brand reputation but also builds a loyal customer base that values both product excellence and corporate integrity.

Management Team

Heidi Zak Co-Founder, CEO
David Spector Co-Founder, President
Ra'el Cohen Chief Creative Officer

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