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theSkimm is a digital media company offering concise news and lifestyle content for millennial women. Its daily email newsletter provides key news summaries, while its website and app cover finance, wellness, parenting, and shopping. theSkimm aims to simplify complex topics and empower its audience with accessible information.

Founded: 2012

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theSkimm Company Overview

theSkimm is a digital media company that delivers news and lifestyle content tailored for the busy lives of millennial women. Initially launched as a daily email newsletter, theSkimm quickly gained popularity for its concise, easy-to-digest summaries of major news stories, presented with a conversational tone. The company has since expanded its offerings to include a website, a mobile app, and various multimedia content such as podcasts and video series. The core product, the Daily Skimm, is an email newsletter that provides a rundown of the day's top news stories every morning, along with essential context and analysis. Beyond news, theSkimm covers a wide range of topics including personal finance, wellness, parenting, and shopping. Its goal is to simplify complex subjects, making them more accessible and less intimidating for its audience. In addition to its media content, theSkimm offers tools and resources to help its readers navigate important life decisions. These include Skimm Money, which provides financial advice and tips, and Skimm Well, focusing on health and wellness. The company's emphasis on practical, actionable information has earned it a loyal following and significant influence among its target demographic. theSkimm's founders, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, leveraged their journalism backgrounds to build a unique media brand. Their vision was to make it easier for busy women to stay informed and make smarter decisions. This approach has resonated with millions of subscribers and established theSkimm as a trusted source of information and inspiration for its community.

Management Team

Danielle Weisberg Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Carly Zakin Co-Founder
Anthony Viglietti COO and CFO
Dheerja Kuar Chief Product Officer
Pat Shores CMO
Cynthia Del Pozo Chief of Staff

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