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Theorycraft Games is an independent game studio focused on creating deep, socially-driven games. Their flagship project, code-named Project Loki, combines elements from popular genres to offer a unique multiplayer experience. The studio aims to fulfill fundamental human needs through innovative, engaging gameplay.

Founded: 2020

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Founded with a mission to create deeply engaging and socially connective games, Theorycraft Games is an independent game development studio. Their team is dedicated to addressing fundamental human needs such as belonging, creativity, and mastery through the medium of interactive entertainment. The studio's flagship project, code name Project Loki, is an ambitious multiplayer game that blends elements from various popular genres, described by players as a mix of "League meets Apex meets Smash." This game aims to be a group adventure, competitive sandbox, and a highlights factory all in one, designed to offer endless excitement and connection for players. The Theorycraft Games team is composed of industry veterans who share a passion for making games that are not only fun but also meaningful. Their approach focuses on creating games that are best enjoyed with friends, providing opportunities for players to connect, compete, and immerse themselves in rich, player-centric stories. The studio's culture emphasizes creativity, innovation, and a commitment to making games that stand out in depth and replayability. By prioritizing the player experience and fostering a community-centric environment, Theorycraft Games is poised to carve out a niche in the gaming industry. Their dedication to serving players' needs and their innovative approach to game design are key factors that set them apart from other studios. As they continue to develop Project Loki and future titles, Theorycraft Games aims to build a legacy of creating beloved games that bring people together.

Management Team

Joe Tung CEO
Michael Evans CTO
Areeb Pirani COO

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