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The Honest Kitchen offers human-grade pet food crafted with real, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Specializing in nutritious meals for dogs and cats, their product range includes dry food, dehydrated meals, wet food, treats, and supplements. The Honest Kitchen emphasizes quality and transparency in their ingredient selection to ensure optimal health and wellness for pets.

The Honest Kitchen Company Overview

The Honest Kitchen is a pioneering brand in the pet food industry, offering human-grade nutrition for dogs and cats. Lucy's vision was to provide pets with the same quality of food that humans enjoy, ensuring optimal health and wellness. The Honest Kitchen's extensive product range includes dry clusters, dehydrated food, wet food, treats, toppers, and supplements, all made from real, whole foods. Each product is crafted with meticulously sourced ingredients that adhere to the highest standards of safety and nutrition. The Honest Kitchen’s dedication to transparency is evident in their comprehensive quality assurance processes and ethical sourcing practices. The ingredients are free from preservatives, by-products, and fillers, reflecting the brand's commitment to clean, wholesome nutrition. The company’s dehydrated food is a standout, offering a convenient and nutrient-dense option that requires only water to prepare, providing balanced meals rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Their dry clusters are minimally processed to maintain nutritional integrity, while the wet food options are packed with moisture and flavor, catering to the diverse preferences of pets. The Honest Kitchen’s treats and toppers enhance pet diets with additional nutrition and taste, and their supplements support specific health needs such as joint health, digestion, and skin and coat health. Customer testimonials and pet health statistics highlight the positive impact of The Honest Kitchen’s products, showcasing improvements in digestion, energy levels, and overall well-being. In addition to their commitment to pet health, The Honest Kitchen emphasizes sustainability. Their ethical sourcing and environmentally conscious practices contribute to reducing their ecological footprint. By setting a high standard in the pet food industry, The Honest Kitchen continues to inspire trust and loyalty among pet owners, advocating for healthier, happier lives for pets through superior nutrition.

Management Team

Lucy Postins Founder & Chief Integrity Officer
Nate Kredich COO
Jake Fuller Chief Supply Chain Officer
Charlie Postins Co-Founder

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