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Tempus is a technology company specializing in AI-enabled precision medicine. They leverage data and artificial intelligence to enhance clinical outcomes, focusing on oncology, neurology, psychiatry, and cardiology. Tempus offers genomic profiling, algorithmic tests, and clinical trial matching to improve patient care and treatment decisions.

Founded: 2015

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Tempus Company Overview

Tempus is a technology-driven company that specializes in AI-enabled precision medicine, focusing on oncology, neurology, psychiatry, and cardiology. The company offers genomic profiling, which provides detailed insights into a patient's genetic makeup, and algorithmic tests to predict treatment efficacy. Additionally, Tempus facilitates clinical trial matching to connect patients with potentially life-saving therapies. Collaborating extensively with academic medical centers and biopharma companies, Tempus boasts over 200 partnerships. Their advanced technology includes the AI-enabled clinical assistant Tempus One, which integrates multimodal data for comprehensive patient insights. Digital pathology solutions and real-world data applications further enhance diagnostics and treatments. Tempus' database includes over 6 million de-identified research records, significantly contributing to scientific discovery and improved patient outcomes. Notably, their HLA-LOH companion diagnostic test has received FDA Breakthrough Device designation, underscoring their impact in the field of precision medicine.

Management Team

Eric Lefkofsky Founder, CEO
Nike Beaubier Vice President, Head of Translational Medicine
Shane Colley CTO
Joel Dudley Senior Vice President of Research
Colette Freeman Chief People Officer
Ryan Fukushima COO
Kim Blackwell Chief Medical Officer
Erik Phelps Chief Administrative and Legal Officer
Kimberly Yeatts Vice President of Clinical Lab Operations
David Agus Scientific Advisor
Arul Chinnaiyan Scientific Advisor
Funmi Olopade Scientific Advisor
Eric Topol Scientific Advisor

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