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TemperPack is an innovative company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions aimed at replacing traditional materials like styrofoam. Their products, including ClimaCell, Green Cell Foam, and WaveKraft, are designed for temperature-sensitive shipments across various industries, such as food and life sciences. By focusing on eco-friendly materials, TemperPack strives to reduce environmental impact and promote recycling.

Founded: 2015

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TemperPack was established to address the significant environmental issues associated with traditional packaging materials. The company focuses on developing sustainable packaging solutions that cater to temperature-sensitive shipments. Their core products, ClimaCell, Green Cell Foam, and WaveKraft, serve as eco-friendly alternatives to polystyrene and other harmful materials. ClimaCell, for instance, is a recyclable insulation material designed to maintain cold temperatures during transit while being environmentally friendly. Green Cell Foam is made from corn, making it compostable and ideal for perishable goods. WaveKraft offers innovative insulation for various applications, emphasizing both performance and sustainability. The company operates three manufacturing facilities strategically located across the United States to ensure efficient and timely service. This nationwide presence allows TemperPack to meet the diverse needs of industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and e-commerce. Their packaging solutions are widely used for shipping temperature-sensitive items like pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, perishable foods, meal kits, and even flowers. TemperPack’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their membership in the How2Recycle program, which aims to educate consumers on proper recycling practices. The company's mission is to eliminate plastic from packaging, striving to create materials that balance functionality with environmental responsibility. By focusing on reducing plastic use and enhancing supply chain efficiency, TemperPack helps clients lower costs and minimize their ecological footprint. In addition to their innovative products, TemperPack emphasizes continuous improvement and sustainability in their operations. They engage in research and development to explore new materials and technologies that can further reduce environmental impact. This dedication to sustainability and innovation positions TemperPack as a leader in the eco-friendly packaging industry, driving positive change and promoting a greener future for packaging solutions.

Management Team

Bob Beckler Chairman and CEO
David Hensley COO
Brian Powers Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
James McGoff Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Walker Dales CFO
Charles Vincent Co-Founder and CTO

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