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Taulia, now part of SAP, provides innovative working capital management solutions designed to strengthen the financial supply chain. Their platform offers a comprehensive suite of services including supply chain finance, dynamic discounting, and invoice automation. By optimizing payables and receivables, Taulia enhances liquidity and financial resilience for businesses globally, facilitating smoother, more efficient B2B transactions across diverse industries.

Founded: 2009

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Taulia Company Overview

Founded with the vision to revolutionize financial supply chains, Taulia has emerged as a leader in providing sophisticated working capital solutions that help businesses manage their finances more effectively. As a key part of SAP, the world's largest B2B network, Taulia supports over 3 million businesses worldwide, offering more than $250 billion in accelerated early payments, and operating in 172 countries. Taulia's platform seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, providing tools that enhance visibility and control over financial operations. The core offerings include Supply Chain Finance, which allows companies to extend their payment terms while offering suppliers the opportunity to get paid earlier; Dynamic Discounting, enabling buyers to utilize their excess cash to pay invoices earlier at a discounted rate; and Virtual Cards, which simplify and secure the payment processes. The Invoice Automation solution streamlines invoice processing, reducing manual efforts and improving accuracy, which is crucial for maintaining healthy working capital levels. For suppliers, Taulia ensures early payment options and electronic invoicing, enhancing their financial stability and operational efficiency. A significant aspect of Taulia’s offerings is its focus on sustainability and resilience within supply chains. They provide tools and insights that help companies not only manage their finances but also commit to environmentally and socially responsible practices. This approach is reflected in initiatives like Sustainable Supplier Finance, which aligns with global sustainability goals by supporting green and ethical business operations. Moreover, Taulia’s user-friendly platform offers a single point of access for managing accounts receivable and payable, inventory, and payments, thus insulating businesses from financial disruptions and inflation impacts. Their commitment to transparency and security is evident in their comprehensive risk management and compliance frameworks, ensuring that businesses operate within a secure and reliable network. Taulia stands out as a pivotal player in the financial technology space, offering scalable solutions that empower businesses to achieve better financial outcomes and stronger supply chain relationships. Their integration with SAP further enhances their capability to support complex financial ecosystems around the globe.

Management Team

Cedric Bru CEO, President
Rene Ho CFO
Dave Adams Chief Customer Officer
Brady Cale CTO

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