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Tanium provides a cutting-edge platform for autonomous endpoint management, revolutionizing IT security and systems management. Their technology offers real-time, scalable solutions that empower organizations to see, control, and secure their IT environments effectively. With a robust partner ecosystem, Tanium caters to diverse industries including government, education, and healthcare, enhancing operational efficiency and cybersecurity.

Founded: 2007

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Founded by father and son duo David and Orion Hindawi, Tanium has emerged as a leader in providing autonomous endpoint management and security solutions. The company's innovative platform, Tanium XEM, offers unprecedented visibility and control over endpoints, allowing IT teams to manage and secure devices across enterprises in real-time. This capability is essential in today’s fast-evolving cyber threat landscape. Tanium's technology integrates seamlessly with major IT infrastructure, supported by strategic alliances with top industry players like Microsoft and ServiceNow. This integration facilitates comprehensive IT lifecycle management, risk and compliance monitoring, incident response, and a superior digital employee experience, all from a single platform. The platform’s effectiveness is reflected in its adoption by top-tier organizations, including branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and leading financial institutions. These organizations rely on Tanium to maintain high-security standards and operational excellence, with proven ROI benefits such as significant time savings and cost reductions in IT operations. Tanium also prioritizes customer success through extensive support and training resources, ensuring clients maximize the value of their IT investments. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction positions Tanium as a trusted partner in endpoint management and security, poised for continued growth and leadership in the IT industry.

Management Team

David Hindawi Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Orion Hindawi Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Fazal Merchant Co-CEO
Bina Chaurasia Chief People Officer
Jim Jackson CFO
Anirma Gupta General Counsel
Thomas Stanley Chief Revenue Officer
Charles Ross Chief Customer Officer
Chris Pick Chief Marketing Officer
Christian Hunt Senior Vice President, Engineering

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