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Tala is a pioneering fintech company offering an array of digital financial services, including credit, payments, savings, and transfers, tailored to empower the underserved global majority. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, Tala provides personalized financial services that enhance economic opportunities for its customers across several continents.

Founded: 2011

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Tala Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize access to financial services, Tala has grown into a major player in the fintech sector, providing crucial financial solutions like instant credit, comprehensive bill pay, and easy money transfers through its app. This global platform aims to bridge the gap between digital and cash economies, helping users manage their finances seamlessly in one integrated application. Tala's proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized, rewarding financial experiences, particularly targeting people overlooked by traditional banking systems. Tala's approach to credit is innovative, creating digital financial identities for customers which unlock flexible and safe access to funds. This model has proven transformative, especially for customers intending to invest in personal and family growth, and their financial future. Tala has served millions of customers, provided billions in credit, and operates in multiple countries across three continents. The company is committed to delivering next-generation technology solutions, including the use of blockchain, to build trusted, effective tools that address the deficiencies of legacy financial institutions. Tala’s impact is also marked by its significant user base growth, with millions experiencing first-time digital loan access and reporting improvements in their quality of life due to Tala’s services. This has positioned Tala as a key player in the fintech landscape, widely recognized and featured in major global publications.

Management Team

Shivani Siroya Founder & CEO
Jori Pearsall Chief Product Officer
Kunal Kaul Chief Risk & Strategy Officer
Jen Loo CFO
Nachiket Shiralkar CTO
TJ Thinkaran Chief Business Officer

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