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Takeoff Technologies offers innovative micro-fulfillment solutions for the grocery industry, enabling grocers to efficiently manage online orders through automation. Their technology integrates small robotic warehouses within stores, enhancing speed and accuracy in order fulfillment. Takeoff Technologies supports retailers globally, ensuring consistent service and profitability.

Founded: 2016

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Takeoff Technologies is at the forefront of transforming grocery fulfillment through its innovative micro-fulfillment solutions. The company specializes in creating micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs), which are compact, automated warehouses strategically located within or near grocery stores. These centers utilize advanced robotics to streamline the process of fulfilling online orders, drastically reducing the time and labor traditionally associated with order processing. This setup allows for rapid, accurate, and efficient handling of online grocery orders, ensuring that customers receive their groceries promptly. Founded with the vision to enhance the efficiency and profitability of grocery retailers, Takeoff Technologies' MFCs are designed to manage high order volumes with impressive reliability, boasting a 99.9% uptime. The integration of these micro-fulfillment centers within existing store infrastructures allows retailers to maximize space utilization and improve inventory management. This in-store automation ensures that the picking and packing of groceries are handled with precision, significantly cutting down the lead time from order to delivery. Takeoff Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of these automated systems. Their end-to-end solutions support retailers in optimizing their supply chain operations, enhancing the overall customer experience. By leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics, the company ensures that each micro-fulfillment center operates at peak efficiency, adapting to the dynamic demands of the grocery market. In addition to technological innovation, Takeoff Technologies places a strong emphasis on customer success, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each retail partner. This customer-centric approach ensures seamless integration and continuous improvement, helping retailers stay competitive in the rapidly evolving eGrocery landscape. With a focus on scalability and sustainability, Takeoff Technologies is driving the future of grocery shopping, making it more convenient, reliable, and profitable for retailers and customers alike.

Management Team

José Vicente Aguerrevere Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO
Max Pedró Co-Founder and President
Laura Scott COO
Zach LaValley CTO
Curt Avallone Chief Business Officer
Lucia Brower Chief of Staff
Alfredo Millán Chief Product Officer

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