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TAE Technologies is a pioneering energy company focused on developing innovative clean energy solutions through advanced fusion power technology. They strive to produce the ultimate carbon-free energy source, aiming for both environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness. TAE Technologies also explores related technologies, including power management systems for e-mobility and advanced cancer treatment methods, demonstrating a broad commitment to improving global health and energy resources.

Founded: 1998

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Founded in 1998, TAE Technologies (formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy) has been at the forefront of fusion power technology, working towards developing commercial fusion power with the cleanest environmental profile. Their main focus is on creating a compact, cost-effective fusion power source that could sustainably power the planet for centuries. TAE Technologies' innovative approach involves proprietary science and engineering, which has positioned them as leaders in the clean energy sector. TAE’s fusion technology, particularly their work with hydrogen-boron fusion, is designed to be a safer and more efficient energy alternative. This technology harnesses the power of an abundant and environmentally friendly fuel source, aiming to provide electricity through the cleanest and most economical path possible. In addition to their energy solutions, TAE Technologies is also leveraging their technological advances in accelerator beams to pioneer next-generation cancer treatment options. Their work in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) offers new hope for treating difficult cancers with cellular-level precision. The company's growth and expansion into various technological sectors, including power solutions and life sciences, illustrate their broader mission beyond just energy generation. TAE Technologies collaborates with numerous prestigious institutions and industry leaders, further cementing their position as an innovative force in both the energy and healthcare sectors. With a clear focus on sustainability and innovation, TAE Technologies continues to drive significant advancements in fusion technology and beyond, aiming to build a sustainable and healthier future for all.

Management Team

Dr. Michl Binderbauer CEO
David R. Ewing Chief Information & Communications Officer
Ken Roberts General Counsel
Dr. Artem Smirnov CTO
Dr. Toshiki Tajima Chief Science Officer

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