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Sysdig is a leading provider of cloud and container security solutions, specializing in runtime insights for Kubernetes, containers, and multi-cloud environments. Their platform offers comprehensive threat detection, vulnerability management, and security posture management to ensure real-time protection and risk mitigation across diverse cloud infrastructures.

Founded: 2013

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Sysdig Company Overview

Sysdig has emerged as a prominent player in the cloud and container security space. The company provides a unified platform designed to secure cloud-native environments, including Kubernetes, containers, and multi-cloud infrastructures. Sysdig's flagship products include Sysdig Secure, which offers runtime security, vulnerability management, and compliance, and Sysdig Monitor, which provides comprehensive observability and monitoring solutions. The Sysdig platform leverages advanced runtime insights to prioritize vulnerabilities, manage permissions, and detect threats in real time. This approach enables organizations to visualize attack paths, reduce vulnerability noise, and streamline incident response. By consolidating multiple security tools into a single solution, Sysdig helps businesses improve their security posture, accelerate time to market, and achieve significant cost savings. Sysdig is also committed to open-source innovation, with contributions to projects like Falco, an open-source runtime security tool, and Prometheus, a leading monitoring solution. The company's focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has earned it recognition as a leader in cloud workload and container security. With a mission to simplify and enhance security for cloud-native applications, Sysdig continues to be a trusted partner for organizations navigating the complexities of modern cloud environments.

Management Team

Suresh Vasudevan CEO
Loris Degioanni CTO & Founder
Keegan Riley CRO
Janet Matsuda CMO
Larry Castro CFO

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