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Syntiant is a pioneering technology firm revolutionizing edge artificial intelligence (AI) with its advanced deep learning models and neural processors. The company is dedicated to enhancing the functionality of power-constrained devices across various industries, including smart homes, automotive, and personal devices. Syntiant's solutions empower devices with increased efficiency, privacy, and user experience while minimizing reliance on cloud servers.

Founded: 2017

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Syntiant Company Overview

Founded with the vision to integrate cutting-edge AI directly into everyday devices, Syntiant stands out in the tech industry by specializing in the development of neural decision processors and deep learning models. These products are designed specifically to operate efficiently within devices that have limited battery life and processing power. Syntiant’s proprietary technology includes their Neural Decision Processors™, which drastically enhance the performance and efficiency of devices by processing neural network layers at the hardware level. This approach eliminates unnecessary data movement, thus reducing power consumption and latency significantly. Their processors are known to deliver up to 100 times the efficiency and up to 30 times the throughput of traditional low-power microcontrollers, with some models achieving efficiencies greater than 80%. In addition to hardware, Syntiant also provides a range of machine learning models that are hardware-agnostic. These models cover various applications, from audio and speech recognition to sensor and computer vision algorithms, and are designed to run on a wide spectrum of hardware platforms, from small microcontrollers to large GPUs. This flexibility enables rapid deployment from demonstration to full-scale production, shortening the time to market and enhancing scalability. Syntiant's solutions find applications across a broad array of sectors. In the smart home sector, they enhance device interaction through advanced speech and sensor processing. In automotive applications, Syntiant’s AI enables more intuitive user interfaces and increased automation. The technology also supports government and industrial applications, providing robust, scalable solutions for a variety of complex, compute-constrained environments. As a leader in edge AI technology, Syntiant continues to drive innovation and deliver solutions that connect the real world to the digital, thereby transforming how devices operate and interact in everyday life.

Management Team

Kurt Busch Co-Founder and CEO
Jeremy Holleman Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Pieter Vorenkamp Co-Founder and COO
Paul Henderson CFO
Mallik Moturi Chief Business Officer
Stephen Bailey Co-Founder and CTO

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