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Synkrino Biotherapeutics is a cutting-edge biotech firm based in Oakland, California, specializing in the development of novel therapeutics for diseases related to the immune system and inflammation. Leveraging its proprietary AI and Immunology Discovery Engine (AIDE), Synkrino Biotherapeutics aims to discover and develop biologically valid drug targets by analyzing immune tissue from patients. This innovative approach holds promise for creating effective treatments in areas critical to public health.

Synkrino Biotherapeutics Company Overview

Established in 2018 by Jason Barbour and David Ott, Synkrino Biotherapeutics is a private biotechnology enterprise headquartered in Oakland, CA. The company originated from the Y Combinator startup accelerator, emphasizing its mission to advance drug discovery and development for immune and inflammatory diseases. The cornerstone of Synkrino's approach is its AIDE Engine, which harnesses neural networks and machine learning to probe immune tissues from patients. This advanced platform enables the company to consistently discover new and biologically relevant drug targets, facilitating the creation of effective therapeutic interventions. Synkrino has also extended its research to developing rapid, portable testing solutions for RNA viruses, including COVID-19, showcasing its capability to respond to global health challenges and adapt its technologies for broader uses. The company has several patents that protect its unique treatment methods and compositions for diseases caused by uncontrolled inflammatory responses, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and its potential impact on the industry. Located strategically at UC Berkeley's Citris Foundry in Berkeley, Synkrino benefits from its placement within a vibrant biotech ecosystem that fosters collaboration and innovation. This advantageous positioning enhances its research capabilities and contribution to biopharmaceutical advancements. Synkrino Biotherapeutics is distinguished in the biotech field for its innovative approach to drug discovery, particularly focusing on ailments triggered by the immune system and inflammation. By integrating artificial intelligence into its research processes, Synkrino is poised to make significant advancements in medical science and improve patient outcomes.

Management Team

Jason Barbour, PhD Co-Founder and CEO
David Ott Co-Founder and CTO

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