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Sumo Logic is a leading cloud-native platform specializing in log management, monitoring, and security information and event management (SIEM). Their solutions are designed to help businesses streamline operations by monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing their applications in real-time, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies for enhanced efficiency and insight.

Founded: 2010

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Founded to address the growing need for scalable log management solutions that could handle massive amounts of data generated by modern IT infrastructures, Sumo Logic has emerged as a pivotal player in the cloud-based log analytics landscape. This company offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance security, compliance, and operational reliability across cloud-native and hybrid environments. Sumo Logic's platform excels in log management, offering deep insights into data patterns, trends, and potential security threats. It enables companies to perform robust troubleshooting, automate responses, and meet stringent compliance requirements through detailed data analysis. Their technology is built around the core principles of scalability, speed, and user accessibility, incorporating AI and machine learning to automate and accelerate many processes. The product lineup includes specific tools for threat detection and response, ensuring that businesses can quickly identify and mitigate various cybersecurity risks. Sumo Logic also provides infrastructure monitoring, application observability, and compliance solutions, all integrated into a unified platform that offers real-time visibility and operational intelligence. Beyond its core offerings, Sumo Logic places a significant emphasis on community and customer support, providing extensive documentation, training, and a proactive customer service experience. They have forged strong partnerships with major tech companies to enhance their platform capabilities and integration potential, further establishing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Management Team

Joe Kim CEO
Jennifer McCord CFO
George Gerchow CSO
Suku Chettiar CMO
Sophie Kitson CHRO
Tejaswi Redkar CPO
Stewart Grierson COO

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