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Substack is a pioneering platform designed for independent writers, podcasters, and creators, facilitating the direct distribution of content through newsletters. Launched in 2017, it empowers creators by offering tools to publish, monetize, and manage subscriptions without the need for advertisements. The platform has garnered significant attention for allowing creators to retain full control over their work, including ownership of subscriber lists, and for its commitment to minimal censorship.

Founded: 2017

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Substack, founded by Chris Best, Jairaj Sethi, and Hamish McKenzie, is a transformative platform that facilitates direct engagement between creators and their audience through subscription-based newsletters. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Substack emerged as a response to traditional media constraints, offering writers and creators more control over their content and revenue streams. The platform allows creators to launch newsletters without initial costs, offering both free and paid subscription models. Substack retains a small percentage of subscription income, with payment processing handled by Stripe. This model emphasizes direct creator-audience relationships, focusing on content quality without the influence of advertisers or editorial pressures. Substack supports a wide range of content, including written articles, podcasts, and other multimedia. One of its key features is Substack Defender, a legal support program that provides pre-publication review and legal advice, helping creators navigate potential legal issues related to their work. This service underscores Substack's commitment to protecting and supporting its creators comprehensively. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for creators to set up and manage their newsletters. It allows for extensive customization and personalization, enabling creators to build their brand and directly interact with their audience. Substack also offers resources and support for writers, including a leaderboard to highlight top newsletters and various tools to help creators optimize their content and grow their subscriber base. Globally, Substack boasts hundreds of thousands of paying subscribers, with its top creators earning significant revenues. This shift indicates a changing landscape in media consumption, where readers increasingly value direct connections with individual creators over traditional media outlets. Substack's success signals a potential lasting change in how content is produced, distributed, and monetized in the digital age.

Management Team

Chris Best Co-Founder and CEO
Jairaj Sethi Co-Founder and CTO
Hamish McKenzie Co-Founder and COO

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