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Stripe is a premier financial infrastructure provider for internet businesses worldwide. Its platform facilitates global payments, automates financial processes, and provides comprehensive tools for managing revenue, invoicing, and economic operations. Designed to support enterprises of all sizes, Stripe's solutions are integral for businesses looking to optimize financial workflows and expand globally.

Founded: 2010

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Stripe Company Overview

Founded by brothers Patrick and John Collison, Stripe began as a startup aimed at simplifying online payments for developers and businesses. Over the years, it has evolved into a robust financial infrastructure that supports millions of companies globally. Stripe offers a wide array of products, including payment processing, billing and subscription management, fraud prevention with Stripe Radar, and banking services through Stripe Treasury. It also provides financial tools like Stripe Capital for customer financing and Stripe Issuing for managing virtual and physical cards. The platform's versatility extends to supporting startups through Stripe Atlas, which helps new businesses incorporate more easily. Stripe is renowned for its developer-friendly API, seamless integration capabilities, and commitment to innovation, making it a vital component for businesses targeting efficient scaling and agile financial management. Stripe's solutions cater extensively to various sectors, including e-commerce, SaaS, and marketplaces, enhancing their ability to accept payments and manage financial operations globally.

Management Team

Patrick Collison Co-Founder, CEO
John Collison Co-Founder, President
Claire Hughes Johnson COO
Billy Alvarado Chief Business Officer
Will Gaybrick Chief Product Officer, Chief Financial Officer
David Singleton CTO

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