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Strava is a leading digital platform tailored for athletes, offering a robust mobile app and website that enhances sports experiences through advanced tracking and social networking features. Designed for active individuals, Strava allows users to record, track, and share their athletic activities, fostering a community of over 100 million members globally.

Founded: 2009

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Strava Company Overview

Founded as a social network for athletes, Strava has become a pivotal platform in the fitness tech landscape. It connects millions of users worldwide who can track their athletic activities, from running and cycling to skiing and yoga, via mobile or GPS devices. Strava’s technology maps out activities while providing detailed data analytics post-exercise, such as speed, pace, distance, and personalized performance metrics. Strava's community aspect is a core feature, promoting motivation through shared experiences and challenges. Athletes can join clubs, participate in events, and compete on performance leaderboards. This community-driven approach not only keeps users engaged but also encourages a continuous cycle of fitness activities. The platform offers a free version as well as a premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features, including advanced analytics, personalized coaching, and safety tools like real-time location sharing during activities. Strava’s business model is enhanced by partnerships with numerous sports and fitness companies, integrating gear and app data for a seamless user experience. Through continuous innovation and a keen focus on community building, Strava remains a top choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to measure performance and connect with like-minded athletes around the globe.

Management Team

James Quarles CEO
Michele Bousquet Chief People Officer
Yandong Liu CTO
David Lorsch CRO
Christine Park CFO

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