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MNTN, formerly known as SteelHouse, offers a premier connected TV performance marketing platform designed to optimize and measure advertising campaigns. It provides solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring high-performance results through automated targeting, premium inventory, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Founded: 2009

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Steelhouse Company Overview

Founded with the aim to revolutionize TV advertising, MNTN (formerly SteelHouse) specializes in connected TV (CTV) performance marketing. The company initially focused on offering a self-serve platform for launching advertising campaigns across various channels, including display, mobile, and social media. Over time, it evolved into a leading provider of Connected TV (CTV) performance marketing solutions. MNTN's innovative platform allows businesses to optimize their advertising efforts with automated targeting, premium inventory, and detailed reporting tools. MNTN caters to a diverse clientele, including B2C, B2B, and small businesses, providing tailored solutions that drive significant results. Their unique Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) model ensures a steady stream of high-quality TV creatives, helping brands maintain a consistent advertising presence. The platform's Verified Visits™ feature offers proprietary attribution designed specifically for CTV, enhancing campaign performance tracking. The platform's ease of use, coupled with its powerful optimization capabilities, positions MNTN as a leader in the performance TV advertising space. Recognized by industry accolades, MNTN continues to set benchmarks in delivering measurable, impactful advertising solutions that resonate with modern marketers.

Management Team

Mark Douglas President and CEO
Ali Haeri VP of Marketing
Chris Innes COO
Curtis Johnson VP of Finance

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